Monday, February 13, 2017

Mythic Oracle With Keyword Generation


Mythic Gm Emulator With Keyword Generation

Use the word suggestions to write on the log window or formulate questions you didn't even know you had! You can also just type directly what you want per the run of the mill Mythic oracle apps.

Chaos Factor:

Scene Setup
No way
Very unlikely
Somewhat likely
Very likely
Near sure thing
A sure thing
Has to be
Fate Question:

Session Log:
Dice Result


Event (Generate)

Description (Generate)
Write In: Session Log Fate Question Window

Word proximity before and after current keyword (the higher the number, the more suggestions you get):

Seed text (copy/paste new text to change it!):
This button will analyze the text in the seed textbox adding whatever text exists in the log window where you write.

Credit Where It Is Due

Credit goes to Tana Pigeon for creating the Mythic Game Master Emulator, and also to "grant_erswell" (at the Yahoo group), created the javascript code that automated the Mythic GME functions (and made them mobile). All I did to it was add Tana's description table, and a text area to act as a log window to capture Fate Chart rolls, and event results so that I don't have to type them by hand.