Friday, February 10, 2017

Prompting Oracle


To start playing, write a GM response as prompted in the Prompt window. Luck will decide if it comes to pass or not. For a more detailed explanation follow this link: HOW IT WORKS

What's happened so far:

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(Just for fun) History log (including rejected ideas):

Copy of logs (to make it easier to copy the text on mobile)

This prompting oracle was inspired by both the Mythic GME and Apocalypse World. The Apocalypse World part is just the way in which the probabilities are spread: < 6 for bad stuff, 7-9 for neutral, and 10+ for anything positive. The Mythic GME influence is in the fact that I'm making an oracle for solo play at all, and in how the bonuses work, which are similar to how the Chaos factor more or less works on the GME.

In this page's oracle, if the number of negative events outweights the number of neutral or positive events, the bonus increases. If the positive events outweight the logical or negative ones, then the bonus decreases. Buttons to increase or decrease the bonus have been added for convenience, because sometimes you can't leave the page up for an entire adventure, and you may want to set the bonus to what it was when you took a break.

For any event you write down to be true, it's roll needs to match the result spread of the prompt question (e.g. if the prompt question had a result of 6 or less, then the roll for the event also needs to be 6 or less). If these two rolls don't match, the event is rejected (which you will see in the History Log window), and goes into an internal queue. If three rejections happen in a row, the system automatically picks a result from the queue. The internal queue is cleared after three rejections.